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Values - what are they for?

If I were to ask you what are your values would you know how to answer?

A lot of people struggle to answer that question. Yet it is extremely important to take time to reflect on what they are. In times of suffering or indecision they are 'invaluable' as they can be the only thing we can cling to when everything else seems hopeless and we are submerged in confusion and pain or we don't know which road to take. They can be the light from the lighthouse that keeps flashing to remind us which way to go and to give us the determination and strength from somewhere to keep slowly moving in that direction.

They can also tell us how to behave when all we want to do is to react from our pain and possibly hurt others if we are hurting. So they can stop us going further off track when we our blinded by our depleted resources in the midst of our emotional pain.

To find your values, ask yourself, what kind of a person do I want to be? What would I like people to say about me at my funeral? What would I like my partner to say about me? My friends, my colleagues? And equally what would I hate others to say about me?

Values could be anything from being successful materially, to compassion and being healthy and fit. They are what gives your life meaning and direction and although others may disagree with you, they are unique to us all and there are no right or wrong answers. But make sure they are your values, not your parent or your friends.

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