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You going to be awake for your life?

Words from The Book of LIEH TZU

If you do not know how to keep still in this crazy world, you will be drawn into all kinds of unnecessary trouble. You will lose your view of the Way, and, when you realize it, it will be too late, for in losing the Way, you have also lost yourself.

Words from me! :)

It really does help to be still and train your mind to be mindful. We need to find our inner core and strength especially when life is uncertain and difficult (as it often is! )

I want to share with you what I know and have experienced.

Mindfulness for beginners. 6 week course. Starting Saturday, 9th January 11am to 12:30 am. Calle Alcantara, 43-45 2D Madrid.

Special reduced price 100 euros a month, 25 euros registration deducted from first month's payment. Small groups.

2 months follow up included in price.

Email to sign up

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