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Are you lonely this Christmas?

A good relationship makes everything better. But it is not always easy. Christmas is a time when people can feel the absence of a partner more than others, and the strain and loneliness of a bad relationship can be more prominent.

If this is your case, try to keep in mind three things:

a) Even though you feel you are alone, and see happy couples everywhere, you are not alone. There are many people in the same situation.

b) Even though you may think you will never find love, your present situation is not indicative of your future situation, in the same way being happy in a relationship now, does not necessarily mean you will always be happy.

c) But finding a satisfying relationship takes work, trial and error, a good sense of humour and lots of courage.

I found the comments on this website both accurate and helpful, so I wanted to share it with anyone that is feeling hopeless this Christmas.

And if you need more help, therapy can help - to experience a trusting relationship with someone and/or to help you understand yourself and your story so as to be in a better place to have more satisfying relationships in your life, both with others and with your self.

So resolve to make now the time you make steps to do this.

Maybe start by checking out this link

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