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Introduction to Mindfulness Classes in English

I could tell you many things about Mindfulness. I could tell you how it can help you with Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Addictions, Panic Attacks, Coping with Chronic or Life Threatening illnesses, Loneliness or just to be happier.

But Mindfulness is like exercise. You can't tell people how good it is. They have to experience the benefits for themselves.

New year is a great time to make a new start. Come and find out how what you are missing out on and how you can build Mindfulness into your daily life.

Courses last for 8 weeks, 90 minutes. Weekly sessions.. Small groups or individual courses. Mindfulness is not therapy so can be great Christmas presents! Very reasonably priced. Call or mail for further information and prices.

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