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The only certainty is change

A woman asks a second woman for directions.

The second woman pauses a minute, and then answers:

“Oh, if I were you, I wouldn’t start from here."

Doesn’t make sense does it? You can only be and start from where you are, can’t you?

So, wherever, you are, whatever you are feeling, whatever you are doing remember :

The only certainty is change.

So if you are feeling good be fully there. Really be present in your world and for the people who may be with you at this time.

And if you are alone or not in such a good place, remember:

The only certainty is change.

So, whatever you are feeling will not last forever. So you can sit with it and bear it for now, knowing this, can’t you?

Imagine you are in a room. And if you look to your left there is a picture on the wall of everything in your life you love and that makes you feel happy. And on the wall to the right is a picture of everything you fear and that saddens or angers you.

If you are sitting in the room looking to the left and contemplating the beautiful picture I imagine you would be feeling good, don’t you? But the other picture is still in the room, isn’t it?

I believe so, don’t you?

So could it be that when we feel good or bad we are only focusing on just one part of our lives (one picture, one side of the room) and if we just move our head slightly we may catch a glimpse of the other part (other picture, other wall)?

If this is true, maybe, we have some choice where we decide to focus at any one time? And as a result how we want to feel?

Whatever you are doing this Christmas period, whether you are accompanied or alone, whatever you are feeling, try to be present for it and enjoy bearing in mind ...the only certainty is change!

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