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It all depends on your perspective

Story for today also taken from Healing stories. George. W. Burns.

A woman awoke one Sunday morning to the smell of brewing coffee and baking croissants. A few moments later her partner emerged through the bedroom door carrying a breakfast tray. Before he even had a chance to wish her good morning she began to speak.

"There is nothing as sweet as honey on your croissants in the morning. Have you ever noticed how many different honeys there are? Each honey, like each wine, has its own unique characteristics. Honey has been valued for generations across many cultures. Collectors risk their lives climbing cliff faces and high trees to gather wild honey. It is known for its curative value. We call places with rich and plentiful soil a land of milk and honey. Honey is definitely my favourite breakfast spread!'

Her surprised partner asked "What's all this? Why are you waxing so lyrical about honey?"

She ignored him and continued, "On the other hand, honey is unhealthy. Have you ever thought of all those dirty little insects gathering it, carrying it on their bodies, manufacturing it in unhygienic conditions, and storing it out in the woods somewhere? Bees have never heard of Louis Pasteur.

Anyway, too much honey is bad for your blood sugar. Regardless of its impurities, honey itself can cause health problems. And how can you tell if you've had too much? How do you know your own level of tolerance? No, on second thoughts I loathe honey."

Her partner was taken aback by this monologue. He thought it would be a nice surprise to bring his partner breakfast in bed: he was surprised by her emphatic, yet conflicting comments."Hang on a minute, he said. How can you simulataneously hold two such strong contradictory opinions about the same object at the same time?"

"I don't" said the woman."I have a choice about which opinion I want to hold - and that depends on whether we have any honey in the pantry."

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