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I have taken this story from a book Healing Stories by George W. Burns. Let the child in you come out for a minute and just enjoy a story! Imagine the scene.

A young couple was walking along a beach after several days of wild storms. The sea had been whipped up to a frenzy. Turbulent waves and high tides had littered the shores with hapless sea creatures. The debris of sea life was so dense that the couple found little space to place their feet. Jelly fish, sea slugs, starfish, and other marine animals coated the beach like a dying blanket.

As they walked along they saw an old, weather-beaten man on the shore line, wading in and out of the water. They paused to observe his curious behaviour. He bent down and picked up one of the sea creatures. He cradled it gently in his hands, waded out into the water, and released it back into its home. He returned to the shore, picked up yet another creature and gently carried it back into the water.

The couple began to laugh. As they approached they asked, ¨What are you doing old man? Can't you see the futility of your efforts? The shore is covered with thousands of dead and dying creatures. Your efforts won't make any difference."

The man picked up a young octupus, that seemed almost lifeless. He nursed it carefully in his hands and walked back into the ocean as if ignoring the couple. He lowered the octupus into the water, tenderly washing away the sand and seaweed that had collected over it and entangled its tentacles. Slowly lowering his hands, he let the little creature again feel the caress of the sea. it spread its arms sensing the reviving pleasures of its familiar home. Supportively his hands cupped the young animal until it mustered the strength to propel itself forward. He stood watching, a faint smile on his face at the pleasure of seeing another creature safely on its way.

Only then did he turn and retrace his steps to the shore. He lifted up his gaze, looked the couple in the eyes and said, "It sure made a difference to that one!"

I will try to post a story or metaphor every Thursday.

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