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Same ingredients, uniquely personal dish

When I created this website, everyone told me how important it was to keep it active and my initial thought was but what can I write about that’s new, that’s different? It’s all already been said many times already.

But then I realized that, like food we use the same ingredients to make many different dishes and depending on subtle variations and our mood and the context, the same dish can taste very different at different times.

And I remembered how important the role of the cook is!

So I am actually quite exited (though also, a little nervous) about this blog now.

And I have realized I have a great deal to say!

But I will finish for now with a quote from a book I found over summer .

‘Sometime when our minds and bodies are shattered by life, it’s only the spirit that can knit us whole and keep us alive.’

This comes from a book ‘What Happy People Know’ by Dan Baker and Cameron Stauth.

And yes I know….. yet another book telling us how to be happy and yes, often, when we are really sad and hurting, sometimes the last thing we want is to hear another version of ‘how to’.

But tomorrow I will tell you how to ‘balance the dance of the spirit and reptile’ and hopefully it will give you a different way to view your anxiety....and your life.... and they will never taste quite the same again.

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