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If you are reading this, chances are something in your life is troubling you and you are wondering about asking for some help. Whether you have had counselling or therapy before, or this is your first time, you will likely have many questions about me and how I will be able to help you. Having followed a training that required me to have therapy myself I know how important it is to feel you are in safe hands.  If your questions are not answered here don’t hesitate to contact me to get more information.

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We are always in relationship, to ourselves, others and the world. So whatever you bring will be about a relationship. However, I have a particular interest and training in the different stages of love… whether you are looking for love, struggling within a relationship, deciding whether to separate or have separated or divorced.

Covid has changed most people's lives in many ways. One of these has been the way we have become more comfortable with doing things on line. 

Now online therapy rather than being another possibilty has become the norm. 

I now work a mix of online and in person as I combine being back in the UK and Madrid. 

As I continue to expand my training and interest in working in an embodied way, I have started to consider working outside with people. 


This can be suitable for people who prefer to walk and talk: or who would like to know ways to harness the power of nature to heal or who want to get the benefits of movement and fresh air instead of being in an enclosed space. Or there may be other reasons why you would benefit from this way of working together.  

Contact me if you think this could be for you and you would like to know  more. 


This can be in the UK or Madrid.


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